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Return to Learn

Chickasha Public Schools will continue the Return to Learn protocols and procedure for the 2021-2022 school year. Public comment on the districts protocols and policies can be submitted to


Chickasha Public Schools                                                            December 14, 2020

From:  Rick Croslin, Superintendent

Re:  Return to Learn – Update

Greetings!  As with any new program, data should be reviewed at certain points to assess how successful the program has been overall.  In a recent review of data from Chickasha High School for the virtual, blended, and remote pathways the following information was reported:

  • Virtual – 46% of all students enrolled in this pathway are failing one or more classes.
  • Blended – 45% of all students enrolled in this pathway are failing one or more classes.
  • Remote – 25% of all students enrolled in this program are failing one or more classes.

These numbers are staggering and do not meet our expectations for students.  When following up on some of the reasons for these failure rates it was noted that students have started working jobs during the school day instead of attending online classes.  Staff members at CHS have contacted parents, met with students, sent emails, called home, and mailed progress reports with mixed results.  It is important to note that CHS has pulled in over 50 students back into the traditional pathway for second semester. 

Beginning January 11, 2021 (start of second semester) the following guidelines will go into effect regarding virtual instruction in all CPS schools.

  • Virtual – Students who are not logging into online classes &/or are failing two or more courses will no longer be eligible for this pathway.  Discretion is given to building principals on either developing a plan to improve student performance with noted benchmarks or requiring the student return to the traditional pathway (on site learning).
  • Blended – Students must have passed all courses (traditional and virtual) to continue in the blended pathway.  Students that failed one or more courses will need to enroll full-time in traditional classes (on site) or virtual.  Note:  Students enrolled in the virtual pathway are not eligible for participation in extracurricular activities as part of the school day (band, choir, drama, athletics, etc.)
  • Remote – Students must be passing all classes to be able to choose the remote option when CPS is in ORANGE or RED.  Any student who is failing one or more classes will not be eligible for this option.  Students on remote learning that are on the ineligibility list will no longer be allowed to choose this option.  The only exception to this is for being quarantined, inclement weather days or at principal discretion.

It is our intent to offer pathways and options for all of our students to be successful.  Please feel free to contact your child’s school if you have any questions. 

Thank you for your time.

A quick note to our CPS community…


We are preparing to return to school in a traditional format for the 2020-2021 school year.  In an effort for all students to be engaged academically, we are offering different learning pathways .  Each family may request the learning pathway that best suits the needs of their child and learning styles.  Each student will be automatically enrolled in the traditional learning pathway unless a parent or guardian submits an application for a blended or virtual learning pathway.  CPS will continue to monitor any community spread and adjust this plan accordingly.  We are in a fluid situation that requires flexibility, cooperation, and understanding on everyone’s part. The staff of CPS is very appreciative of your patience, kindness, and support over these past few months.  We are looking forward to a successful and exciting 2020-2021 school year. 

Return to Learn

Remote Learning Resources

Teachers will send instructions home with students during remote learning days. Resources can be found at the link below.


Return to Learn

2020-21 School Year “Return to Learn” Plan:

Return to Learn Overview 

Return to Learn Plan


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