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Distance Learning

Chickasha Public Schools                                                         August 2020

Distance Learning Plan



Distance Learning Plan

Chickasha Public Schools has developed a Distance Learning Plan for the 2020-2021 school year.  The plan is comprised of two distinct pathways that offer students options for taking courses virtually on either the Blended or Virtual format.  Additional information on the pathways can be found in the CPS Return to Learn Plan (July 2020) in that attachments. 


In development of the Distance Learning Plan, CPS has taken the following steps to ensure equity in providing services to all students.

  • Students/Parents are indicating on enrollment forms if they have access to devices and the internet at their residence.  In the event they do not have access to these items the district will provide the following items;
    • Chromebook – one per student in the household
    • Hot Spot – one per household
      • CPS is entering into a contractual agreement with T-Mobile to provide hot spots and connectivity.  The monthly connection fee will be paid for by CPS using Cares Act funding.  (Note:  This is a two-year agreement between CPS & T-Mobile.)
  • Students, 18 and under, enrolled in either the blended or virtual pathway will be provided breakfast and lunch through our Child Nutrition department each school day.  Designated delivery sites will be scheduled through-out the Chickasha community for daily delivery of these meals at set times. 

Curriculum for the Distance Learning Plan has been a top priority in the development of these pathways.  CPS identified and recommended the following online program providers to the school board at the July 2020 meeting.

  • Acellus – Online instruction for students in grades Pre-K to 6th grade. 
  • Edmentum (Exact Path) – Online instruction for students in grades 7th – 12th

Both of these learning platforms are aligned to the Oklahoma Academic Standards and have been adopted by the Oklahoma State Department of Education.  Teachers for these pathways will undergo professional development on accessibility, lesson planning, and student engagement.



Attendance guidelines for the Distance Learning Plan were developed in conjunction with Oklahoma guidelines for virtual school instruction and OSDE.  A policy was submitted to the CPS school board at the August 2020 meeting for their consideration that addressed the following:

  • Instructional activities that include instructional meetings with a teacher
  • Completed assignments that are used to record a grade, and
  • Other activities identified by CPS. 

Students are expected to login and work daily on assignments and tasks as assigned by teachers.  All assignments must be completed by the assigned due date and will be graded and recorded weekly.  The same grading scales and policies with respect to completion of work will be applicable.  Teachers will monitor student work on a regular basis and meet with each student individually 1-2 times each week. 

Teacher attendance will be monitored with respect to their availability to their students and performance of their daily teaching duties. 

Additional criteria were developed to address being considered in attendance for the quarter and for students not meeting the attendance criteria.

Extracurricular Activities

Students wishing to take virtual courses may also participate in extracurricular activities.  The blended pathway allows for students to take courses both virtually and on-campus during the traditional school day.  On-campus courses include, but are not limited to:

  • Athletics
  • Band
  • Choir
  • Drama
  • Honor courses
  • And more.

Students wishing to participate in extracurricular activities that are governed by the Oklahoma Secondary Student Athletic Association (OSSAA) must attend at least one (1) hour on campus each day.  This hour can be a class or participation in a practice or school event. 


Course Completion / Credits / Units

Students enrolled in the CPS Distance Learning Plan will be able to earn grades towards course completion and the awarding of credits/units towards graduation from Chickasha High School as in compliance with board adopted policies for graduation.


Support/Monitoring for Distance Learning Plan

CPS and CUTA have negotiated a Memorandum of Understanding for the extra duty position of Virtual Dean of Students.  As part of the MOU a list of expectations has been developed with the intention of supporting the structure and format of the Distance Learning Plan.  Additionally, this position will also monitor student progress and teacher interaction on a weekly basis to ensure program validity. Expectations include:

1. Navigate general technology and web-based curriculum with proficiency.

2. Prepare administrative functions of virtual school teachers (assisting with rostering of online content and supplemental instructional products).

3. Check-in and support virtual school teachers on at least a weekly basis.

4. Monitor student progress toward student learning plans.

5. Check-in periodically with parents/guardians of virtual school students.

6. Check to see if instruction is taking place during the week, via oversight of the Learning Management System and Content Management Systems.

7. Assist in determining attendance based upon student fulfillment of student participation and progress.

8. Assist the teacher in determining eligibility if the student participates in extra-curricular activities based upon grades that week and attendance.



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Teachers will send instructions home with students during remote learning days. Resources can be found at the link below.


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