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Return to Learn Overview

Parent Surveys

Over 700 responses

  •  Responses equally represented all grades (Pre-K to 12th)

Biggest concerns 

  • Social distancing will be difficult
  •  Possible exposure to COVID-19
  •  Schools may close with little notice

Face Masks

Should face masks be required…

For Staff?

  •  57% said NO
  •  43% said YES (706 responses)



  •  55% said NO
  •  45% said YES (696 responses)

Learning Pathways

Questions on which type of learning pathways.

100% Virtual/Distance

  •  45% said NO
  •  32% said YES
  •  23% said UNSURE (719 responses)

Blended Learning

  •  46% said NO
  •  32% said YES
  •  22% said UNSURE (374 responses)


If CPS cannot ensure social distancing on district provided transportation, will you choose to transport your child?

  • Yes, I will transport my child – 73%
  • No, my student will ride the bus – 27% (713 responses)

Learning Pathways


  •  All students enrolled in at first of school year
  •  On campus/school site
  •  Normal school schedule
  •  Include virtual days to prep for remote learning days (when out of school)
  •  Remote learning days will be used when school is closed for any reason (online instruction)
  •  Google Classroom & Meet
  •  Acellus (Pre-K – 6th grades) & Edmentum (7th-12th grades)
  •  Supported by CPS teachers



  •  Grades 7th – 12th  only
  •  Online instruction (Edmentum) with at least one class at school
  •  Can still participate in band, music, athletics, etc.
  •  Supported by CPS teachers
  •  Transportation offered during regular AM/PM routes.
  •  Parents or students provide other transportation needs
  •  Requires a semester commitment
  •  Application required
  •  Breakfast & lunch will be available to students



  •  Complete online learning
  •  Acellus (Pre-K – 6th grades & Edmentum (7th – 12th grades)
  •  Does not require any classes at schools
  •  Monitored by CPS teachers
  •  Students report through the Quality Academy
  •  Requires a semester commitment
  •  Application process required
  •  Breakfast & lunch will be available to students

Social Distancing

  • CPS will work to ensure social distancing is practiced, when feasible, by developing protocols and guidelines at each site.
  • Larger learning spaces will be utilized for classes with larger enrollments.
  • Each site will develop procedures to help ensure social distancing for breakfast/lunch times & recess.
  • Each site will utilize signs, posters, announcements, etc. as reminders.

Temperature Checks

  • Temperatures should be checked at home by parents before each child leaves for school.
  • No one should come to a school building with a fever over 100 degrees.
  • Visitors will be required to have their temperatures taken and answer the health screening questions.
  • Anyone with a temperature of over 100 degrees will be moved to a quarantine room until they can safely leave the school premises.

Face Masks and Coverings

CDC and the State Department of Education recommends the use of face masks &/or coverings when feasible.  At this time, additional protocols are being considered by multiple state agencies.  CPS will follow any & all required mandates and will announce protocols as information becomes available or before the start of the school year.

 - Masks will be available for any student that becomes ill at school or is unable to purchase one.

 - There may be areas of the school or designated classrooms where face masks will be required depending on needs of staff members or students or when social distancing is not feasible.

Return to Learn

Remote Learning Resources

Teachers will send instructions home with students during remote learning days. Resources can be found at the link below.


Return to Learn

2020-21 School Year “Return to Learn” Plan:

Return to Learn Overview 

Return to Learn Plan


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